About the writer


A.P.Jessett was born in Wiltshire, England, and raised over the county boundary in Berkshire. At sixteen, impatient for independence, he left school and went to work on a farm. He told a friend that he wanted to be, in the words of the subsequent Beatles song, a ‘paperback writer’. He would not begin the first story right away, however, recognising that he was short on both experience and maturity. Best to wait a spell and get some miles on the clock first.

It took a while, as two marriages, three children and the need to earn a living put the idea firmly on hold. But the ambition remained, through years that included spells in agriculture, the police service and as the managing director of a multi-national consumer durables subsidiary. There were a couple of redundancies, a brief flirtation with professional photography, and a decade and a half as a voluntary gliding instructor.

Flying is a powerful drug. It stole much spare time, as did fishing, riding racehorses at exercise, and sailing his own boat around the English Channel. Less energetic times at home were filled by family life and a voracious appetite for reading.

Underlying it all, though, was a lifelong passion for wildlife and nature, and a determination never to let go of that early ambition to write.

He has now had articles published in two international magazines, and written two full length novels. The first book took two years to finish, was not published, but provided valuable experience. The second, Mother Earth, took several more years and has now been published. The story blends his passion for the natural world with a keen interest in where humanity – perhaps at a defining crossroads in its evolution – goes next. It may be for you if you’re interested in those aspects of life, and concerned about the legacy we leave for the next generations.

A.P.Jessett is happily married to his wife of 33 years, with whom he lives in the beautiful English county of Hampshire.