Mother Earth – The Novel

Mother Earth is available from Amazon, in Kindle and paperback editions.

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The back cover copy reads as follows:

‘The trouble with humans is they’re so backward.’

A majestic golden eagle swoops low over the Men’s Final at Wimbledon, frightening crowds and seen by millions on TV. From high above a large raven looks on. Later, they will discuss the success of the mission. Soon there are more reports of birds and animals acting strangely across the world, almost as if organised. Who or what is behind the odd behaviour, and what does it mean? Environmental activist Lucy Waltham and her partner James Bishop disagree and become caught up in a struggle between people and nature, their employers on opposite sides of a gulf of misunderstanding. Can the different worlds connect and save humanity from itself?

Somewhere between eco-thriller and classic British wildlife novel, Mother Earth is an engaging, honest and informed allegory of contemporary environmental issues that you’ll still be thinking about long after you’ve finished reading. Can mankind find the right path while there is still time?

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